One of my favorite interviews that I’ve ever done is with Burton Cummings of The Guess Who. The man is such a story teller and he’s got great stories. Unfortunately shortly after doing the interview my computer crashed and I lost everything including this interview. I had emailed it to a couple of people but I couldn’t find it, finally almost a year later my sister found it buried in her email. So this email is a little dated, but it’s one of the best interviews I’ve ever done.


Growing up my dad was a huge The Guess Who fan. If you asked my dad who the best guitarist of all time he’d say Randy Bachman, the best singer was Burton Cummings and the best piano player wasn’t Elton John or Billy Joel, it was Burton Cummings. I’ve become a fan myself. The stories that Mr. Cummings has are spectacular. You need to hear his story about driving Jim Morrison around all night long the first time he stepped foot in Los Angeles.