We’re back with episode 2 of “On What Grounds.” In this episode we discuss Lindsay’s health and recovery from her recent hysterectomy. There have been some concerns, like the fact she can’t have more kids, or worrying about growing a penis.
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This week we discuss a survey about stay-at-home parenting vs. full-time work. While Beth and Josh don’t have kids, Beth is sure she will work full-time when and if a little one comes along. Josh talks about the stay-at-home dad he knows.


Lindsay discusses her experiences with extended time off work and how she’s ready to return to work by the end of the summer. Bob recalls when he was laid off work and stayed home with their child and claims that is the harder job.

We discuss what it means to be a good parent. Lindsay says there are no cookie-cutter perfect parents and perfect children, so to call yourself a good parent or bad parent is misleading.
Our visions for what our work/family balance would has changed over the years. We’re not doing what our parents did, but our work/family balance works for us.
Hate and love: chores, Facebook drama, recovery after surgery has had its ups and downs, healthy living.

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