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You Had Me at the Gates of Hell


Coming Attractions:

Powers Boothe Dies on Josh’s birthday
Michael Parks passed away
A24 trailer for Woodshock and Beguiled (not A24)
Blade Runner 2049 Official Trailer

New Releases:

King Arthur
The Wall

Top Five Showdown: Warren Beatty vs Dustin Hoffman

Undisputed Classic: Rachel Getting Married, Waitress

1987 – Ishtar, The Gate, The Good Wife

Rogue One (Spoilers)


New Releases:

Rogue One
Collateral Damage
Manchester By the Sea

Top Five: Movies by the cast of Collateral Damage

Undisputed Classic: Titanic

1986 Platoon, King Kong Lives, No Mercy


Blade Runner
Despicable Me 3

I’m Indie Because I’m Poor – Interview with Jason Schaver


Jason Schaver is actor/writer/director who’s made films such as “The Truth About Average Guys,” “Wingmen Incorporated,” and “S.O.L.” He’s back with a new film called “I Don’t Recall.” He’s got an Indiegogo campaign and looking for your help. Click this link to donate to the movie. If you donate $100 or more and you heard about it from this podcast we’ll throw in an I Hate Critics Mug…there are only 4 in the world. Help Jason become the next Adam Sandler…at least the first half of his career.


Ant-Man & Trainwreck


On this episode of I Hate Critics we’ve got two new movies: Ant-Man came out this week opposite Trainwreck, Minions, Jurassic World, Inside Out. It still managed to bring in $60 million which people are saying is good bad, but really it’s pretty good. It’s not Guardians of the Galaxy, but who would really complain about a $60 million opening. The other movie to come out was the Amy Schumer/Judd Apatow vehicle Trainwreck. Ant-Man was fine, but Trainwreck is the best comedy of the year so far. If you’re a fan of Amy Schumer and or Judd Apatow then Trainwreck is a must see.


Our Undisputed Classic is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. We spend the whole segment bad mouthing women who like this film. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a highly racist film that we were unable to get into or understand why people like.

In 1985 The Coca Cola Kid starring Eric Roberts came out and we probably spent more time on this movie than any of the other movies.

Our trailers this week are:

Suicide Squad
The Fantastic Four
The Revenant

On What Grounds 4 – Introducing the Shrek Game – For Adults


So you’re hanging out friends, having a conversation, playing some sort of truth or dare game and you end up talking about exhibitionist and dissertations about bisexuality. And you record it. That’s our podcast.

Fair warning: There are swear words

The conversation continues with whether Amy Schumer is hot or funny and the production value of Two Girls One Cup.

Lindsay and Bob once had a Sleep Number Bed. While Bob found his “number” and had the best sleep of his life, Lindsay never found hers and hated the bed. Bottom line, the bed wasn’t comfortable for sex, so it was thrown out.

We revisit Lindsay’s hysterectomy scar, which is healing nicely, despite her pulling her own stitches out.

Bob is working out and drinking fat flush water in an attempt to lose weight. It was going well until he went to McDonald’s for a grilled chicken sandwich and got someone else’s lunch. And, you know, sometimes you just got to drive away and enjoy someone else’s crispy chicken and fries.

And the girls admit they sometimes sabotage diets by ordering too much when eating out or junk food with groceries. The girls can take just a taste and pass it on to the boys. Pop. Fast food.















The Shrek game: The Shrek doll is passed around and everyone kisses the doll. From then on out it gets a little confusing. But the results are hilarious.

Love/hate: Bob is happy with Lindsay’s continuing recovery; Lindsay is happy with Bob’s yard work project; Beth loves sitting next to Josh at dinner; Josh is loving life but hates the Miami Heat; Beth hates flash drives; Lindsay hates the idea of planting a garden; and Bob hates when his response to a sext is rejected.

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