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Guess Who Sings This Song?


Welcome to the first episode of Nothing Shocking Podcast. On this episode we talk about the Dee Snider/Paul Stanley feud. We asked our audience what albums changed their lives. Some of the albums include Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Kiss Alive II, Kiss’ Music From the Elder, Planet Drum by Mickey Hart, The Cult’s Sonic Temple and Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet.















Our Albums of the Week include:

The Giuntini Project IV, Mollo & Martin The Cage 3

The Guess Who – American Woman

Paul Thorn – Too Blessed to Be Stressed

Proceed with the Execution


Welcome to The I Hate Critics Podcast. This week we talk “The Hobbit,” “A Madea Christmas” and “Nebraska.” We mostly talk about “The Hobbit” though. Let me rephrase that, Josh and Sean mostly talk about “The Hobbit” while I take a nap and cough into the microphone from time to time. Also “Nebraska” is really good, but you’re probably not going to see it.


Our Undisputed Classic was “African Queen.” Humphrey Bogart won a life time achievement award for this film. If any self respected actor gave the performance Mr. Bogart gave, they’d be run out of town. We’ve all seen it. I struggle to describe this movie when Josh swoops in to save the day.

In 1983 “Silkwood” and “Gorky Park” came out. If you’re going to go back and check out some movies from 1983, these are two great movies to start with. “Silkwood” is one of Meryl Streep’s more underestimated performances. It’s a heart breaking movie. “Gorky Park” has a terrible name, but it’s good too. On a side note Bon Jovi took a band named Gorky Park under their wing in the late 80’s but that didn’t last long.

Our Trailers are:


“Jupitar Ascending”

“Edge of Tomorrow”

“Bad Words”


“The Knights of Badassdom”

“The Fantastic Fear of Everything”

Zoiks! Online Interviews: Matt Mitchell of Furyon


Welcome to the Zoiks! Online Interview Podcast. Our guest this week is Matt Mitchell of the band Furyon. Furyon has a new album out called “Gravitas.” The album is out now, it’s a great album, you need to check it out, especially if you’re into bands like Shinedown or Alterbridge…but like a progressive element mixed in.

Now enjoy our interview with Matt Mitchell


Zoiks! Episode 7: Three Years Hollow Sit In, Featured Band Dark New Day Interview with Clint Lowery (Sevendust, Dark New Day, Call Me No One)


Jason is on vacation so Jose and Tony from the band Three Years Hollow sit in to talk about their band and their undying love for every Clint Lowery.

Episode 7 features the songs:

Three Years Hollow: “Chemical Ride” Check out the video here:

Dark New Day: “New Tradition” off of the album “New Tradition”

Dark New Day: “I Don’t Need You” off of “New Tradition”

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