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Ant-Man & Trainwreck


On this episode of I Hate Critics we’ve got two new movies: Ant-Man came out this week opposite Trainwreck, Minions, Jurassic World, Inside Out. It still managed to bring in $60 million which people are saying is good bad, but really it’s pretty good. It’s not Guardians of the Galaxy, but who would really complain about a $60 million opening. The other movie to come out was the Amy Schumer/Judd Apatow vehicle Trainwreck. Ant-Man was fine, but Trainwreck is the best comedy of the year so far. If you’re a fan of Amy Schumer and or Judd Apatow then Trainwreck is a must see.


Our Undisputed Classic is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. We spend the whole segment bad mouthing women who like this film. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a highly racist film that we were unable to get into or understand why people like.

In 1985 The Coca Cola Kid starring Eric Roberts came out and we probably spent more time on this movie than any of the other movies.

Our trailers this week are:

Suicide Squad
The Fantastic Four
The Revenant

Dave Attell Talks Road Work & Comedy Underground


This Friday Night/Saturday morning at Midnight Eastern Dave Attell’s new special “Road Work” will air…uncensored followed by the premiere of the new Comedy Central show “Comedy Underground” hosted by Dave Attell. It’s the first uncensored show on Comedy Central.


If you ask just about any comic out there from Amy Schumer to Jay Mohr to Chris Hardwick to our friend BT they’ll tell you that Dave Attell is the best working comic out there right now. He of course won’t accept that. Dave joins our podcast to talk about his special and new show and talk about the future of comedy, which doesn’t excited him, and old porn.

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