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The X-Men Do-Over


Welcome to the I Hate Critics Movie Review Podcast.

New Releases:

X-Men Apocalypse
Alice Through the Looking Glass
A Bigger Splash
The Do-Over

Xmen Apocalypse

Top Five: Combined Films from the cast of Xmen Apocalypse

Undisputed Classic: Lost in La Mancha

1986 –


Beauty and the Beast
Wiener Dog

I Hate Critics Ep. 14 – Roger Ebert RIP & The Evil Dead


Welcome to the I Hate Critics Podcast, a movie podcast. Legendary movie critic Roger Ebert passed away this week and we at I Hate Critics were fans of his. Mr. Ebert was the number one influence of Sean’s. How many people become household names? Babe Ruth, Hulk Hogan, Michael Jordan and Siskel and Ebert, those guys were that popular that everybody whether you cared about movies or not knew who they were. Roger Ebert was the best at what he did and he will be missed.


This week the boys talked about the remake of Sam Raimi’s “The Evil Dead.” For the first time they both have seen the movie that came out this week. For the most part they enjoyed it, I think Sean liked it a little more than Bob did, but both liked it. Bob also caught “Vamp U” and “John Dies at the End,” he fell asleep during “Vamp U.”

Our trailers this week are:

The Great Gatsby

Grown Ups 2

The Mortal Instruments

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I Hate Critics Ep. 2 – Zero Dark Thirty


Welcome to the “I Hate Critics” Podcast, a movie podcast. This week we discuss “Zero Dark Thirty.” In addition we take a look at the trailer for the upcoming Steven Soderbergh film “Side Effects.” The Academy Award nominations have been announced and we talk about those and then as always we get side tracked quite a bit.

We don’t really hate critics, but why do you?

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