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Back to the Future Turns 30, Magic Mike XXL, Terminator Genisys


On this episode of I Hate Critics we’ve got three new movies: Magic Mike XXL, Terminator Genisys, Me & Earl & the Dying Girl. Both Sean and I loved Magic Mike XXL, it was a lot of fun. It kind of makes you want to be a male stripper. The joy they had making this movie comes back off the screen. Shelby and Beth were having fun as well. Me & Earl & the Dying Girl is completely awesome. It’s essentially The Fault in Our Stars done properly. Terminator Genisys is fun but that pisses Josh off because it should be more serious and not fun. I’m paraphrasing because Josh isn’t here to defend himself.


Our Undisputed Classic is Donnie Darko. In sticking with our time travel theme (not our male stripper theme) we went with Donnie Darko and it’s a movie that is just amazing and if you mix the book in with it is even better.

In 1985 Back to the Future came out. The biggest movie of 1985. $200 million in 1985, that’s amazing.

Our trailers this week are:

Jenny’s Wedding
Secret in their Eyes

Zoiks! Online Interviews: The Nerdist Chris Hardwick


Chris Hardwick is one of my biggest influences. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time. I remember him from “Singled Out” and “Shipwrecked,” but I really started to become a fan right around the time he did Rob Zombie’s “House of a 1000 Corpses” with Rainn Wilson. Chris was an excellent guest, he gave me over thirty minutes to chat with him and I’m extremely grateful for that. He had a lot of good advice about starting a podcast, so it was a great experience for me. Minutes before our interview it was announced that Disney was acquiring Lucas Films, so I got to be the first one to chat with The Nerdist about “Star Wars Episode VII.”

“Enjoy your burrito!”

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