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Dave Ellefson of Megadeth


Welcome to the third episode of The Nothing Shocking Podcast. On this episode we talk about Tim Cummerford’s apology for Limp Bizkit. We also discuss the status of Rage and Limp Bizkit and I tell a story about the time I saw Metallica fans boo Limp Bizkit off the stage.

I got the chance to chat with Dave Ellefson of Megadeth. We talk about the 25th Anniversary of Rust in Peace. We also talk about his current side project Metal Alliance with Alex Skolnick and Mike Portnoy.















Our Albums of the Week include:

Flying Colors – Flying Colors

Tin Machine – Tin Machine

Whitford St. Holmes – Whitford St. Holmes

Zoiks! Online Interviews: Joe Deninzon of Stratospheerius


A couple months back I was trying really hard to interview Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull. I was able to land the interview. At the same time the PR person that helped me land the interview recommended the band Stratospheerius to me. I decided to check out this band simply because she did a favor for me, so I figured I could repay the favor. In the process I fell in love with this band.

I’ve been into progressive rock since I was a kid. So much of it is over my head, but that is what I found fascinating about it. Stratospheerius definitely sounds progressive but there are many other elements blended in there, jazz, metal, rock, r&b etc. The weird thing is that they’re also a jam band. I have a hard time wrapping my head around a jam band that plays progressive rock.

Joe Deninzon fronts Stratospheerius and he plays the electric violin. He is currently doing for the violin what Jimi Hendrix did for the guitar. They have an album out called “The Next World” that is phenomenal. They are looking to record a video for the title track “One Foot in the Next World.” You can donate here:

Zoiks! Episode 8: Featured Band Three Years Hollow Interview with Adrenaline Mob’s Mike Portnoy


Jason is back from vacation and we try to give the Zoiks Online podcast a format. We discuss Guns n Roses and the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Britney Spears on the X Factor, Jessica Simpson Pregnant and naked, Scarlett Johansson naked and distracting. We also dig into Rush Limbaugh and Kirk Cameron

Episode 7 features the songs:

Three Years Hollow: “Chemical Ride” Check out the video here:

Three Years Hollow: “Remember”

Interview: Mike Portnoy

Zoiks! Episode 6: Happy Rush Day, Featured Band The Steepwater Band; Interview with Jeff Wagner


Happy Rush Day (2/1/12). Jason, Sean and I celebrate Rush day (well I celebrate Rush day, Sean celebrates their greatest hits and Jason just celebrates). Jeff Wagner, author of “Mean Deviation: Four Decades of Progressive Heavy Metal” joins me to talk about Rush, Dream Theater and all things Progressive metal.  Our featured band is The Steepwater Band.

Episode 6 features the songs by The Steepwater Band:
“High and Humble” off the album “Clava”

“Honey Bee” off of the EP “The Stars Look Good Tonight”

“At The Fall of the Day” off the album “Grace and Melody”

Zoiks! Episode 3: Featured Band Adrenaline Mob, Interview Dream Theater


This week Jason, Sean and Bob feature Mike Portnoy’s new band Adrenaline Mob. They discuss the new Coldplay album and interview Mike Mangini from Dream Theater. Also featured in this episode is the song “Mercury” from Derek Sherinian’s album “Oceana.”

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