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Interview – Steve Howe of Yes


Progressive Rock icons Yes are back with a brand new album “Heaven and Earth.” I haven’t had my whole life to sit on this album like I have “Fragile” and “Close to the Edge,” but I did enjoy what I heard. Only time will tell if these songs stand the test of time. As a guitar player I was always irritated when I’d look at the best rock guitarist of all time lists and see that Steve Howe either wasn’t on them or barely cracked the top 100. Steve Howe is a guitar God in my opinion and not enough people understand that. I grew up with the music of Yes, my dad literally played the music to me while i was in the womb. Yes is one of the best bands of all time and recently I got the chance to chat with one of my heroes, Mr. Steve Howe.


Stuart Smith of Heaven and Earth


I like a wide variety of music. Let me rephrase that, I like a wide variety of rock music. Whether it’s simple punk, classic rock, or heavy metal, I like just about all of it. I can’t help but prefer the classic rock though. The problem with classic rock is the word classic. Classic means old. There are great bands that operate within the classic rock genre that are new, fresh and relevant, but their music hasn’t gotten national attention it deserves.


Heaven and Earth is one of these bands. You’ve got a guitar god in Stuart Smith, whom none of you have heard of, a keyboard player that you can hold up with Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson and a front man that sounds like a combination of Paul Rodgers and Chris Cornell. This band is amazing and should be playing arenas, but none of you have heard of them. Whose fault is that? What can they do about that?

On the newest episode Jason and I sit down with guitarist Stuart Smith from Heaven and Earth and try to answer those questions. It is one of our best and most fascinating interviews to date. Please be sure to check it out. Subscribe to our podcast here:!-online-podcast/id482837310?mt=2

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