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Happy Thanksgiving – Classic Episode


No we didn’t record three episodes in one week. This is last years Thanksgiving episode featuring Ivy Envy, Mommy’s Cocktail Hour, Nick Seuberling and The Killer Queens Podcast.


Neighbors is Hilarious and Babe Ruth is Over Rated


Welcome to The I Hate Critics Movie Review Podcast. Seth Rogen’s new movie “The Neighbors” was released, Josh and Sean went to see it and both said it’s a great start to the summer comedy season. They both all ranked it among Seth Rogen’s finest films which is exciting. Also released this week is “The Legends of Oz” which is nothing more than a cash grab…oh well.


Our Undisputed Classic this week is “Chinatown.” “Chinatown” is truly one of the greatest films ever made, it’s incredible that both Josh and I had never seen it. Jack Nicholson is in top form.

In 1984 “The Natural,” “Fire Starter”

Trailers this week:

The Night in Old Mexico
A Million Days to Die in the West
Atlas Shrugged 3
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
The Retrieval

Throw Back Thursday – Baseball Special 2013


The new baseball season has begun so I thought we’d replay our baseball episode from early on in the podcast. We had Corey Fineran from Ivy Envy join us, so check it out.


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