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Mike LePond of Symphony X, Joe Perry Collapses and Hollywood Vampires Live Review Aurora IL


Welcome to the Nothing Shocking Podcast.

On this weeks episode our guest is Mike LePond of prog metal icons Symphony X. Bob took a trip out to Aurora, IL to check out his guitar hero Joe Perry and the Hollywood Vampires and a couple days later Joe Perry collapses on stage.

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Richie Kotzen of The Winery Dogs Interview


Welcome to the first episode of Nothing Shocking Podcast. On this episode we talk about the 30th anniversary of the PMRC hearings. We discuss the need for the excessive genre labeling within metal. We also get the chance to sit down with The Winery Dogs front man Richie Kotzen and talk about the new Winery Dogs album Hot Streak.














Our Albums of the Week include:

John Christ – Flesh Caffeine

The Butcher Babies – Take it Like a Man

John Neilson – Tomorrow Comes the Spring

Guess Who Sings This Song?


Welcome to the first episode of Nothing Shocking Podcast. On this episode we talk about the Dee Snider/Paul Stanley feud. We asked our audience what albums changed their lives. Some of the albums include Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Kiss Alive II, Kiss’ Music From the Elder, Planet Drum by Mickey Hart, The Cult’s Sonic Temple and Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet.















Our Albums of the Week include:

The Giuntini Project IV, Mollo & Martin The Cage 3

The Guess Who – American Woman

Paul Thorn – Too Blessed to Be Stressed

Joe Perry of Aerosmith


My first guitar hero was Joe Perry from Aerosmith. I was turned onto the band in Jr. High. “Get a Grip” had just come out and I had heard them play “Dream On” with Michael Kamen’s orchestra on MTV. I bought the “Greatest Hits” and from there fell into a deeper and deeper appreciation for Aerosmith’s music. My favorite album of all time is Aerosmith’s “Rocks.” Joe Perry recently released his memoir “Rocks: My Life in and Out of Aerosmith.” i was predestined to love this book. That said Joe Perry went out of his way to knock himself off of the pedestal I put him on. This book doesn’t glorify the sex or the drugs and it’s not about throwing Steven Tyler or anybody else in his life under the proverbial bus. It’s just Joe Perry telling his story, this could have been anybody’s story it just happens to be his.

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Zoiks! Online Interviews: Aerosmith’s Tom Hamilton


Since I was in Junior High I’ve been a die-hard Aerosmith fan. Unfortunately for me they were 20 years into their career. I honestly like every single Aerosmith album. I like some more than others, but I like all of them. It’s been 10 years since the last Aerosmith album of new material “Just Push Play” and if I’m being honest I was worried the new album “Music From Another Dimension” wasn’t going to be very good. As soon as the opening riff to “Luv XXX” hit I was sold. It’s one of my favorite Aerosmith albums; I think it’s the best since “Night in the Ruts.” As soon as I heard it, I begged my Aerosmith contact to let me have an interview and here it is, with Tom Hamilton.

Photo By: Ross Halfin

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