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Guess Who Sings This Song?


Welcome to the first episode of Nothing Shocking Podcast. On this episode we talk about the Dee Snider/Paul Stanley feud. We asked our audience what albums changed their lives. Some of the albums include Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Kiss Alive II, Kiss’ Music From the Elder, Planet Drum by Mickey Hart, The Cult’s Sonic Temple and Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet.















Our Albums of the Week include:

The Giuntini Project IV, Mollo & Martin The Cage 3

The Guess Who – American Woman

Paul Thorn – Too Blessed to Be Stressed

Rocky, Field of Dreams & Pulp Fiction


Welcome to the I Hate Critics Movie Review Podcast. This week the movies from last week topped the box office, but McFarland USA, The Duff and Hot Tub Time Machine 2 came out. Josh and I watched “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” We can’t really complain about it as much as we’d like to. It’s not made for us but we’re happy that it exists. Then Josh finally saw “Foxcatcher.” He had a similar reaction Sean and I did. Therefore we recommend you go see it.

Field Of Dreams

In place of the Defend It segment, we’re each going to challenge a year we feel got it wrong and defend our reasoning.


Josh takes on 1976 (“Rocky” vs “Network” & “All The President’s Men,” I took on 1994 “Pulp Fiction” vs “Forrest Gump” and Sean took on 1989 “Driving Ms. Daisy” vs “Dead Poet’s Society”

Pulp Fiction

1985 – Into the Night came out. That’s all, it came out


Far from the Madding Crowd
Infinitely Polar Bear
Welcome to Me

Lisa Loeb – No Fairy Tale


Everybody knows who Lisa Loeb is. She became a household name back in the early nineties with her hit single “Stay.” That may have been the peak of her popularity but she hasn’t gone anywhere. She’s still making music and going on tour, but now she’s doing so much more than that. She’s got her own coffee, her own charity, her own eye glass where and she’s a mother.


Lisa’s newest album is called “No Fairy Tale” and I’ve listened to this album beginning to end and I’m in love. I’ve always been more of a hard rock heavy metal but “No Fairy Tale” believe it or not has kind of a punk influence to it and lyrically I fell for it. It was real exciting to have Lisa Loeb on the podcast. She’s doing a small Midwest tour starting in Davenport, IA, I will be there and I hope you are too.

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