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Guess Who Sings This Song?


Welcome to the first episode of Nothing Shocking Podcast. On this episode we talk about the Dee Snider/Paul Stanley feud. We asked our audience what albums changed their lives. Some of the albums include Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Kiss Alive II, Kiss’ Music From the Elder, Planet Drum by Mickey Hart, The Cult’s Sonic Temple and Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet.















Our Albums of the Week include:

The Giuntini Project IV, Mollo & Martin The Cage 3

The Guess Who – American Woman

Paul Thorn – Too Blessed to Be Stressed

Three Years Hollow


Quad City natives Three Years Hollow have a brand new record out called “The Cracks” produced by Clint Lowery of Sevendust. Their hit single is called “Hungry” and each and every one of you should call your local radio stations and request that song, even if you own the album. They just got off the road with Saving Abel and are about to head right back out into the fire with Saliva.


Luckily for Jason and I front man Jose Urquiza and guitarist Tony Reeves made time to stop over for an in studio interview/podcast. We’ve known these guys since they were nothing more than a local band. We’ve got to watch them grow and to see them as basically equals to some of our favorite bands is pretty exciting for us, for them and for all their fans.

Saving Abel


Back in November Jason and I got to chat with Scott Bartlett, guitarist for the band Saving Abel. We did the interview live and in person at Rascal’s Live in Moline Il so forgive the background noise. We talked about the new EP, starting their own label and what it’s like out there is this era of the music industry.


The interview was done just before Jared Weeks left the band to join Hinder, so we don’t address that at all and we’ve been sitting on this interview because of that. Saving Abel played in front of one of the most disappointing audiences I’ve ever been around, but they’re professional attitude was amazing. We ran into Scott after the show and he made light of it and said it was cool. Class act.

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