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Rocky Marathon


What a great week for movies. Pixar delivered The Good Dinosaur which isn’t great by Pixar standards, but still pretty good. We has two full on master pieces released in our area in Brooklyn and Trumbo. There was one stinker in Victor Frankenstein. Finally Creed surprised us and allowed for us to go on a Rocky Marathon.














For our Undisputed Classic we take on Rocky

On our Does it Hold Up segment we take a look at Rocky II, Rocky III and Rocky Balboa

In our Defend It segment we defend Rocky V (not really)

In 1985 Rocky IV

Our trailers this week are:

Captain America: Cival War

The Big Short

Barbershop The Next Cut

The Little Prince

Knight of Cups

Zoiks! Online Interviews: Matt Mitchell of Furyon


Welcome to the Zoiks! Online Interview Podcast. Our guest this week is Matt Mitchell of the band Furyon. Furyon has a new album out called “Gravitas.” The album is out now, it’s a great album, you need to check it out, especially if you’re into bands like Shinedown or Alterbridge…but like a progressive element mixed in.

Now enjoy our interview with Matt Mitchell


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