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What’s in the Box?


New Releases:

Going in Style
Your Name
Case for Christ

Top Five: None

Show Down: Alan Arkin vs Morgan Freeman vs Michael Caine

The Heart is the Lonely Hunter
The Dark Knight













Undisputed Classic: Little Miss Sunshine

1987 – The Secret of My Success, Three For the Road


All Eyez on Me
3 Generations

Zoiks! Online Interviews: Chris Rene of “The X Factor”


Chris Rene of “X Factor” fame has released his debut album “I’m Right Here.” If you didn’t see season 1 of the “X Factor” or haven’t had a chance to hear any of his music I recommend giving him a chance, if nothing else he has a very unique style about hi. Recently I got the chance to chat with Chris about his album “I’m Right Here” and season 2 of the “X Factor.”

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