Welcome to the I Hate Critics Movie Podcast. This week was all about One Direction. Three guys in their mid thirties talking about One Direction. There were other movies that came out this week, but I already forgot what they were. Unfortunately during the podcast we mention that the One Direction movie will get number one at the box office. Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for the human race Lee Daniels The Butler took down another week at number one making us incorrect…oh well.


Josh Adams from The Film Fan Perspective joins us again. http://filmfanperspective.wordpress.com Bob and Josh see a bunch of movies. Bob saw Maniac (thumbs up) and On the Road (eyes closed) and Josh dumps on Bruce Campbell and the original Evil Dead while enjoying the remake. He also checked out Warm Bodies and The Man with the Iron Fists.

Our 30 Year old movies are Death Stalker, Nightmares, Mortuary & Stryker. That may or may not be one movie.

We have a contest this week. Sean, Bob and Josh came up with six actors and we want you to come up with a tagline, plot or story line involving the six actors.


Selena Gomez
Jon Bon Jovi
Kristy Swanson
Michael Biehn
Jason Priestly
Sanaa Lathan


Rigor Mortis

Palo Alto

We Are What We Are


Dallas Buyer’s Club

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